Saturday, October 17, 2009

rosalie crutchley

click to see image large

acrylic on panel
9" x 12
price upon request

I'm a sucker for masterpiece theatre/bbc/costume-y and english mystery channel 9 type fare. I was watching a corny agatha christie type mystery (the kind with a manor house, where everyone has a motive and is a suspect for five minutes).
There was an older actress, in her late 70's, I was noticing how beautiful her face was.

Sometimes, I like to look at the faces of old people, and try to see in their face what they looked like when young.
I found a picture of the actress, rosalie crutchley, as a young woman, a very beautiful image -
unfortunately, the painting didn't turn out very well, the eyes are too close set, I didn't quite capture the expression. Still, it's always interesting to spend several hours studying a face, really looking at it, and trying to capture something about it.

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