Monday, August 05, 2013

a painting a day (more or less) - black and white hen

To get me back into the painting habit, I'm reviving the painting-a-day*.

Just got back from sebastopol, a week in the country, house-sitting.
Lovely - chickens, ducks, and a really, really mean goose.
Starting off the paintings with a silly chicken painting -
sadly, not from life (I've included a photo of an attempt to even photograph a chicken - they were attracted to the red beads of my necklace, and kept pecking at them.)

black and white chicken
acrylic on panel

black and white chicken (detail)

hold still, hold still…..


holding my favorite

four chickens, little farm at tilden park

* painting-a-day, with the occasional day or so off for camping trips, etc


Chris Tolomei (alicethelma) said...

Sold already!?!?! Paint more chickens!!!

claire b cotts said...

just a half hour after it was hatched :-)
i'm sure there will be more chickens on the way..