Tuesday, January 29, 2008

cover competition - part 2

sadly, I didn't win.
(peter arno, the great new yorker artist and cartoonist,
originated the phrase "back to the old drawing board! so off I go. :-)
here are a few more of my entries.

to see all of mine, go here....
claire's entries

here are some more links that show gary's and my pieces on the web....




tilley contest

to see all entries, go here
new yorker cover contest

Friday, January 25, 2008

new yorker eustace tilley cover competition

here's one of the pieces I submitted.

the new yorker is having a competition: to create a cover with the iconic dandy and man about town, Eustace Tilley, who has just turned 83.
It's become a tradition to have a Tilley cover every February

you can see some past covers here
new yorker.com - Tilley covers

this year's entries

It was so much fun to do, and many of the entries were incredibly clever and well done.

The prize is to have a "virtual" cover shown on the new yorker.com website.
I've always thought that would be a great thing, to be on the cover of the new yorker, so I guess this is "virtually" as good.

I also collaborated with gary on the one (I came up with the concept - and here is his take on it)
the springfieldian,

Monday, January 07, 2008

winter jay

acrylic on panel
5 x 7
click image to see large

mary blair

if you live in the bay area,
make a trek over to the cartoon art museum.
There's a great exhibit of work by mary blair.
(also a great edward gorey show)

cartoon art museum
the exhibit is up until mid march

here are some wonderful images of her work, from the
ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive.

Little Verses Part One

Little Verses Part Two

Baby's House

New Golden Song Book Part One

New Golden Song Book Part Two

happy new years! painting-a-day

best wishes for the new years!
I'm starting up my painting-a-day blog again.
(or failing that "art-every-day").

here are the first two.

oriole (winter)
acrylic on panel
click image to see large

portrait, january (loose strand)
acrylic on panel
click image to see large

happy new years!