Monday, August 04, 2008

vineeta - national portrait gallery competition

acrylic on panel
16"h x 20"l
click to see large

portrait painter
by gary amaro
pencil on moleskine sketchbook
click to see large

My entry into the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery Competition.

I'm not very happy with it - it was painted in a panic right up to the deadline.
I got back from being out of town, ran upstairs, and started painting like a maniac.
It was very hot, I was down to my skivvy's, balancing the painting on one knee.
If I ran out of a color, I would yell "bring me a black! and a thalo blue!" and gary would run to the studio side and grab paint jars, no time to put them on my palette, just stuck my brush in. Photographed it just before deadline....awful. Under florescent light, blue, glary, and out of focus. (this is a much better picture I took under sunlight). I didn't at all capture how beautiful Vineeta is, and I'm not sure that it's clear that she is laying on a rug on the floor. My fault for procrastinating. Oh well, next year.

I do really enjoy gary's drawing, a sort of a triple portrait. Look at all of those cords!