Thursday, April 23, 2009


dumpster, behind the grocery outlet (petaluma)
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I've always wanted to paint this building.
It was a strange day, vivid sun, and a terrible wind blowing around.
I was crouching on a median in the road, by a dirt parking lot.
There was a lot of grit swirling around, sticking in my paint.
The sad thing, over the course of the several hours I was there,
I saw one homeless person after another coming to search though the dumpster.

port-o-let (sebastopol)
acrylic on panel
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behind my favorite cafe.
I don't know why, but I really like painting port-o-lets.
Go figure.

santa fe steet
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Beautiful quiet little street.
I love plein-air painting; every summer, I try to
do several landscapes, usually up in sonoma county.
Places that are quiet, humble, and a
little down at the heel are what appeal to me the most.