Tuesday, February 09, 2010

claire is in the new yorker!

woo hoo!

This is the third year the New Yorker has invited artists to submit their own takes on the magazine's iconic mascot, Eustace Tilley, originally drawn by Rea Irvin for the magazine's first cover in 1925.

12 winners were chosen from over 350 submissions.
One of my entries won, and was one of four to be featured in the Febuary edition of the magazine.

You can see a slideshow of all 12 on the New Yorker's website here.

gary also won, with a very funny take on grand central.

(if you aren't familiar with it, it's a play on the painting "madame x" by john singer sargent, you
can see the original painting here)

portrait of madame x

one interesting note - originally, he painted it with the strap to her
dress hanging down - there was so much scandal he was forced to
repaint it (which is a shame...it was much better before).
No-one knew this until 100 years later, when a black and white photo
of the original was discovered)

madame x, original state

Thursday, February 04, 2010

new work - full fathom five

full fathom five
acrylic on canvas (diptych)

48" x 72"
click to see large

here are some process pics, showing some of the stages this piece went through.

stage 1

stage 2

stage 3

stage 4

stage 5

stage 6

stage 7

stage 8

stage 9