Monday, June 10, 2013

portrait - marybeth, nico and annie + painting workshop

I very seldom take on commissions, but here is a rare exception, just finished - 

marybeth, nico and annie
acrylic on panel
16 x 20
click to see large

detail - marybeth, nico and annie
acrylic on panel
click to see large

understanding paint - a hands-on workshop

I'll be having a weekend painting workshop in my berkeley studio -
August 17th and 18th.

stop wrassling with acrylics, and get them to do what you want them to do :-)

learn how to make your paintings more luminous,
by understanding the mechanics of how paint "works".

In a relaxed, supportive environment, we will explore some of the ways acrylics can be used.
There will be demos, one on one help, creativity exercises, and the time to finish one small painting.
(plus, I throw in a bunch of useful painting and studio tips. 
and a big pot of vegetable soup :-)

The workshop focuses on understanding how acrylics (and paint in general) works, and covers basic info on materials as well as a variety of techniques, such as glazing and scumbling.  Not even sure what that even means?  Don't be intimidated - past participants have included painting novices as well as professional artists   - no past painting experience necessary.  

some of what is covered…..

(the surface you are painting upon) - paper, canvas, wood panel, etc

(how that surface is prepared)  - gesso, acrylic medium,  speciality grounds such as modeling  paste, pumice gel, etc.)

(the "glue" or binder that holds paint together).  added to paint, can change the properties, (make it matte, glossy, stiff, running, gooey, transparent, etc)  Also, works as an extender, and makes paint more transparent.  Can be used as a "glue", for making collage, as a final varnish,  to seal and "isolate" a layer of painting, for glazing, etc.

these change paint properties (but are not a "glue" or binder).  For example, retarder, which slows the drying time, flow release, which breaks surface tension, or thickener

August 17th and 18th
10:30 to 5:00

Workshop is $200 + $25 materials fee  if registered before
august 5th 
$215 + $25 materials fee after august 5th

A deposit of $100 holds a place in the class, and is refundable up to 10 days before the workshop.
(If a participant needs to cancel after that time, the deposit can be applied to future workshops). 

for more info, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact me