Tuesday, May 06, 2008

new work -warehouse sale

tomorrow is the opening for the SFMOMA Artist Gallery Warehouse sale.

As usual, I go nuts, and usually work up to the very last minute creating work for it.
Here I am, early afternoon, still in my pajamas, putting the finishing touches on the painting which was used for the poster for this years event.

a little glimpse of the chaos and squalor of my studio after one week of this.....

seige -
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the midnight moon serenely smiles (blue jay)
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A collaboration between gary amaro and myself.
We started a tradition last year of collaborating on a piece for the sale...
if it sells, the funds go into a special travel fund.
Wish I had kept this piece, though - I really like it.

the midnight moon serenely smiles (blue jay) - detail
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(this one I am holding onto.)
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glow worm
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