Monday, May 13, 2013

inspiration monday

i'm in love…..

it took me a while to catch on to pinterest, but for an artist, it's amazing way to collect images, discover new artists and new affinities, and fundamentally waste large chunks of time and yet still feel quasi-virtuous and productive.
one thing I have always loved is sculpture - in many ways, I'm more interested in creating sculpture and making physical objects than painting.

After a long stint of heavy duty painting of abstracts, I'm looking forward to doing figurative work, and trying my hand at figurative sculpture.
Sharing some of my new inspirations - drum roll….introducing inspiration monday!

agnes baillon 
mère et filles

I really like the work of the sculptors olivia musgrave and agnes baillon - they remind me a bit of marino marini, and have that quality of volume, solidity, tenderness and quiet subdued emotion that interests me in can see some images of their work on my pinterest board.

here is the link to my pinterest boards….
(the categories are fuzzy, much of what interests me days straddles illustration and fine art.)

and here is a very nice video of olivia musgrave in her studio.
olivia musgrave - taking flight

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