Monday, May 13, 2013

inspiration monday and new facebook page

inspiration monday- sculptor ann weber
I love these, the the organic forms - swelling, constricting, the sense of off kilter totter-y balance.
i also love the elemental quality of the material, just cardboard and staples.
she'll have work at the artMRKT this week, in san francisco and at a show at dolby chadwick later in the month
here's a link with more info...
ann weber

ann weber

Just to let you know…. (if you're not a facebook-y kind of a person).

I have started a new facebook page, claire b cotts art.

It will be away for me to posts inspiration, goings on, thoughts and general musings, without having to send out a deluge emails through my blog.
(It's a separate page from my personal facebook page, enabling me to continue posting videos of squirrels riding monkeys, etc)

All you have to do, is go to claire b cotts art  on facebook and hit "like".

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